Evidence and Efficacy

Physical Performance

PrevahexCHX products have been tested at the most fundamental levels to assure peak physical performance. PrevahexCHX has passed all functional testing and met all product specification requirements, in addition to demonstrating at least equivalent performance to the leading dressing manufacturer. The following are examples of some of the tests conducted to ensure the highest level of physical performance:

Water vapor

Water Vapor Transmission Rate to ensure sufficient breathability during use and minimize the accumulation of moisture under the dressing, thus securing and supporting a dry environment under the dressing.


Tensile Elongation Recovery to ensure a robust construction able to withstand the most challenging of clinical use patterns while allowing patient movement and providing wound site mobility for healthcare providers.


Peel Adhesion to ensure the patient skin site is secured and protected throughout the duration of intended use, regardless of patient movement or wound site manipulation.

Data on file: entrotech life sciences llc, Columbus, OH