Evidence and Efficacy

Zone of Inhibition

PrevahexCHX is the only antimicrobial dressing on the market that can offer complete CHX antimicrobial protection throughout the transparent areas of the dressing. This level of protection creates the best opportunity to reduce the risk of catheter-related bloodstream and surgical site infections. Zone of Inhibition testing (ZOI) demonstrated rapid bacteria elimination of multiple drug-resistant bacterial species both underneath and several millimeters beyond the perimeter of the dressing sample.


Representative Zone of Inhibition testing results from various dressings evaluated against MRSA

Zone of Inhibition: 24-hour time lapse

Video Length: 29 secs

This time lapsed video shows incubation of MRSA over a 24-hour period comparing PrevahexCHX antimicrobial dressing vs. the leading standard dressing.

As you can see, the MRSA grows in the petri dishes as evidenced by the yellow bacterial colonies. The leading standard dressing shows that within 24 hours, there is colonization of bacteria underneath and around the dressing. On the other hand, PrevahexCHX showcases the absence of the yellow bacterial growth underneath and around the dressing demonstrating the powerful antimicrobial efficacy of our CHX dressing.

Zone of Inhibition Average Zone Size (mm)