Evidence and Efficacy

In Vitro

In-vitro log10 reduction antimicrobial efficacy testing was conducted on PrevahexCHX. A broad spectrum of microorganisms were tested, including gram-positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and yeasts as well as several drug-resistant microorganisms. The pathogenic microorganisms included in this study were specifically selected due to their clinical relevance and prevalence as the cause of challenging Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs) in healthcare. Antimicrobial efficacy was evaluated at 1-, 3- and 7-day timepoints and PrevahexCHX consistently achieved a 5.0 log10 or greater reduction at all time points demonstrating ≥10x the antimicrobial performance requirements established by the FDA.

PrevahexCHX has efficacy of over 5.0 log10 reduction against several multidrug-resistant microorganisms, the pathogens responsible for some of the most difficult-to-treat HAIs facing clinicians today. In contrast, the market leading standard transparent thin film dressing offers no antimicrobial protection to patients.

PrevahexCHX vs. 3M Tegaderm 1-Day Head-to-Head Antimicrobial Efficacy Against Drug-Resistant Pathogens

1-Day Log10 Reduction

Versus Drug-Resistant Pathogens

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Source: Test Conducted at Third Party GLP Laboratory, Data on File, entrotech life sciences llc, Columbus, OH. Tegaderm is a registered trademark of 3M

PrevahexCHX demonstrate rapid onset of action starting at day 1 and continuing through day 7, thus dramatically outperforming other competitive antimicrobial dressings which can take several days to demonstrate significant efficacy.

In Vitro Kill Time (Log10 Reduction) Comparison Data*

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Graph set 2 2
Graph set 2 3
Graph set 1 1 key


Graph set 1 2 key


Graph set 1 3 key

FDA Minimum requirements 4.0 log10 kill

* Note: In vitro effectiveness does not predict clinical performance. (GLP Testing Conducted at Independent Third Party Laboratory, Data on File: entrotech life sciences llc, Columbus, OH)

In vitro Antimicrobial Effects of Chlorhexidine Diacetate versus Chlorhexidine Free Base Dressings.

George J. Holinga, PhD, and James E. McGuire, BS
entrotech life sciences inc., San Francisco, California
Published in the Journal of Wound Care, Volume 29. Number 5. May 2020.

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